I know what true wealth is and I know what it isn’t. I also know that you can’t pay your bills with platitudes.

Throughout this site I will use the terms financially free and millionaire interchangeably. To me they are the same. Depending on your choices, you can be the former without being the latter.

The purpose of Millionaire Neumes is two fold.Just to be clear

First, to prove to our kids beyond the day to day stuff they’ve already seen, that they can be financially free with a five-figure income. It is easier to read notes from the privacy of your laptop than to have a parent drone the message into your teenage face.

It is also much more believable when the information is viewed in a public forum where others can leave a wide range of comments. I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate how some will question your efforts towards financial freedom than to read the critiques, good and bad, and downright doubters in the comments section. Our kids have the huge advantage of actually viewing our accounts. The average reader has to take what I say at face value.

Second, for Mr. H and I to increase our current net worth and have some fun along the way.

On this site, I’ll share where we started, awful mistakes that set us back, how our net worth grew, and how I approach investing. I will emphasize the how, both mindset and the down and dirty as well as what I’m doing to currently manage our stock portfolio and overall net worth life. If I get side tracked, I’m sure you will let me know.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.