Most of us have seen people in our communities that seem a bit different.

Maybe it’s the couple down the hill, married longer than you’ve been alive. At least twice a month you see them walking their dog while they look at their vacant lot. In all the years you’ve watched, they’ve always worn the same brown, out of style coats. Despite their subdued lifestyle, you also see them sitting together at the library, her reading a book, while he pours over Value Line Investment Survey and Investor’s Business Daily.

Mildar alert

How about the couple across town, married at least 30 years, still living in their first house. You know they have a few rental properties, yet you frequently see them both at Estate Sales and Rummage Sales.

Mildar alert

Or maybe it’s the college educated couple with children. The wife is a friend of a friend so you know her well enough to say she’s not what you would describe as a stay at home mom stereotype. Now that her kids are nearly grown, why hasn’t she gone back to work? Why would she waste her expensive university degree?

Mildar alert

In all three cases, you weren’t quite sure what was going on – only that it didn’t add up. Thank your inner Mildar for screaming its brains out trying to get your attention.

Most millionaires want nothing to do with the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. They’re too busy trying to be normal, except with a lot more money in their bank accounts. Whether you realized it or not, you’ve been surrounded by more millionaires at Costco than you’ll ever find at the local Mercedes Benz dealership. With over 8,000,000 of us, we are shopping somewhere.

Remember, it’s not what you see that’s important, it’s what doesn’t add up.

The benefit to you is to begin thinking differently about your own Mildar sightings and to start mentally cataloging the wealthy and how they really live. Personal sightings will have a much greater impact on your future bottom line than any story on the web.

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