How To Use Your Inner Mildar To Improve Your Net Worth Game

The next time you see people whose appearance doesn’t match their circumstances, instead of crinkling up one side of your nose and going, “Huh?”, sharpen your eyes and say, “Hmm”.

Instead of thinking:

  • What a loser
  • Get some decent clothes
  • Go buy a car that actually has power locks

Ask yourself:

  • Why is this person not working full time?
  • How is he really spending his money? It’s obviously not on clothes
  • How is she choosing her investments? It’s certainly not a fancy house

Mildar helps you identify individuals with significant net worth in spite of their middle class surroundings and to see some aspect of their success as possible for yourself. Simply having more money doesn’t make another’s choices more admirable. It does make it worth your time to check it out.

Mildar focuses your attention on what you value and what you don’t. The point is to get you thinking differently about how you spend your resources and what message it’s sending to others. If you care more about what others think, it will be very hard to be financially free on a five figure salary. Driving a beat up car an extra year or two won’t score any self esteem points, but it may allow you to make some extra debt payments.

Real life Mildar sightings are always more meaningful than examples from books or web sites. When you start to see others making choices you admire that improve their bottom line, you’ll begin to believe some of those decisions are doable for your own situation.

I challenge you to find something positive in even the most McScroogeist affluent person. Regardless if his overall behavior repulses you, I’m confident he is doing something right that you can add to your millionaire psyche. And you never know, there are some nice millionaires out there too.

No matter what you observe, please share your Mildar sightings so all can benefit. I’m especially interested in stories that don’t involve couples, because all of my experience has been with married millionaires.…