After careful consideration, I’ve decided to rename Financial Neumes to Millionaire Neumes.

The upside is the new name will better reflect what this site is all about and make it easier for new readers to find me. The sooner I make the transition, the better it will be for everyone.

The downside is you will need to update your bookmarks and if you’ve subscribed to my RSS feed, you will need to re-subscribe to since the feed has changed as well.

It might take a few days for all the details to work out. Everything  looks the same, except for the name and address changes. Mr. H is my Webmaster and is hard at work to make sure everything transfers smoothly. I owe him big.

I do appreciate your patience, especially any new visitors from the Carnival of Personal Finance #132 held at The Digerati Life. I’ve got lots of great entries ready to start the new year on January 2nd, assuming the transfer goes well.

Have a Happy New Year

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