Ever since Black Friday, I’ve written Fill Out Rebates at the top of my to do list.

Depending on the morning, I’ve penned it in blue ink, purple ink, green gel, and black ball point. I’ve scrawled the words on the back of an envelope, on linen paper, salvaged sheets from the recycle bin, and a torn page from a spiral notebook.

I’ve moved the purchases from the right side of my desk to the left, and then back right again. I’ve even piled the crap by my keyboard, figuring the obnoxiousness of it all would spur me into action.

They’re still there, waiting to be done.Rebate

I’m usually very good at this, having those puppies scanned, filled out, UPC’s clipped and at the Post Office within three business days, tops.

This year I’m dragging butt.

It’s only two items – a $13 rebate on a memory card for my camera from Circuit City and a $10 retractable mouse from Office Depot. I’m beginning to understand why the redemption rate is so pathetically low. My inertia has the best of me.

The forms say I have until Christmas Eve and the end of December to get my act together.

I’ll run out of to-do-list ink before then.

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